ASTROWORLD: 2 Weeks After the Re-opening…

Travis Scott released his 3rd studio album ASTROWORLD just under 2 weeks ago. Now the dust (and hype) has settled slightly and I have lived with the album, I thought it would be a good time to review the Houston-born rapper’s newest project.

The album starts on a high note, STARGAZING this has been claimed as one of the standout tracks from the album. I think it sets the tone for what can only be described as an unpredictable journey through Travis’ planet home of ASTROWORLD. We hear this when the beat changes 3 minutes into the track. This is followed by CAROUSEL which is accompanied by vocals from the legendary Frank Ocean, this is the start of nearly 20 impeccably positioned features on the album. Sprinkling methamphetamines on the leaves like the snow. There’s no denying the heavy amount of drug references in ASTROWORLD but what I think is cool is the fact they are so subtly and beautifully incorporated that they don’t become the take-home message from the album.

Sun is down freezin’ cold That’s how we already know winter’s here, in the first couple of bars Travis employs Drake to tell us the album is going to take a bit of a darker turn, which is evident in R.I.P. SCREW and STOP TRYING TO BE GOD. This is one of my top 3 songs on the album. SICKO MODE encapsulates what I love about all 3 artists on the track; Drake’s ability to produce some cold flows, Travis’ catchy lyrics and Swae Lee’s beautiful eerie vocals. But I do I feel like we need Drake to release an extended version of his first verse.

Another favourite of mine is WAKE UP, from the guitar chords in the intro to the Weeknd’s endearing vocals on the chorus. Now I must say ever since the Weeknd’s split from his ex Selena Gomez he has been producing some real credible work from My Dear Melancholy to his features. This song just has it all for me a great mellow beat, catchy chorus and a perfect balance of vocals to rap.

YOSEMITE would have been in my top 3 as it was an absolute pleasure to listen to Travis and Gunna trading bars however, Nav’s poorly engineered verse just pushes it out for me. Please, as an artist ensure you have a good mix engineer working for you it could really cost you. I might need me some ventilation A little vacation, HOUSTONFORNICATION, one of six songs with no collaborators. For me HOUSTONFORNICATION sounded like the Travis I really love all the elements that make Travis…Travis were in this track. Sevn Thomas and Wallis Lane also did an amazing job with the production, this track is elite tier Travis in my opinion.

So that’s it, after letting ASTROWORLD marinate I can honestly say it is one of my favourite albums to be released this year. I feel overall it is very cohesive and feels like a project that has not been rushed but rather worked on for a long time. From the perfectly positioned features, to the great variety of beats; this is definitely an album Travis Scott should be proud of.