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Carnival Nike Air Force 1s Are Coming Back !

Nike has built energy around the Air Force 1 in the past year by bringing back old styles and collaborating with brands such as Vlone and Comme Des Garcons, just to name a few. Nike are set to re-release two ‘Carnival’ pairs originally launched way back in 2003, connected to Brazil’s carnival celebration.

There hasn’t been an official announcement from Nike around the shoes, although rumour has it they could be in stores for August 19th. However, if you are feeling particularly desperate for a pair and want to rock them to Notting Hill carnival (which is next week already), you could cop them on eBay. Otherwise keep your pockets ready to cop them fresh on the August 19th.

I guess you can’t go wrong with a pair of Air Forces can you. Make sure if you need a pair to grab them from our store, and if you’ve got a pair you want to get rid of, sell them on our store !

And if you are going to Notting Hill carnival next weekend, enjoy it and stay safe.


Source : Solecollector

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