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Chune – the Social Music App You’ve Always Desired.

CHUNE is a social media music app that connects people through the music they listen to. Users log in with their Apple Music or Spotify accounts and the app will then connect them with people who have listened to the same songs. Users can then interact with one another by following other users with similar tastes in music, sending music to other users or chatting to other users. And I’ve got the latest scoop direct from the owners mouth for you guys.

Hey, so before we get into the nitty gritty I’m sure our readers would love to know more about the man behind the idea. So tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Joshua I’m a university dropout with a passion for all things creative. I’m a Visual Designer and Animator and I’ve been in love with tech ever since Steve Jobs announced the first keynote for the iPhone. I’m a secound generation immigrant from Nigeria and I’ve had that entrepreneurial flair and hard work culture since I was a little boy. I was that one kid selling lucozades in the summer on the playground. I was pretty good at it too at my peak I was making about £40 a day. I’m just trying to make a positive difference in the best way I know how. 

Great stuff, so I’m interested in how the idea for the Chune App came about. Could you tell us about your thought process?

So the idea for CHUNE came from a very healthy addiction to music. I started to get very frustrated with my music provider Spotify because it felt so closed off from everyone else. Remember the days when you would share music via Bluetooth with your friends? Ever since the big boys have jumped into the market (Apple music, Spotify) etc music has lost that social aspect. I’ve always had the best suggestions for music from friends and family so I decided to build a music app around the people and for the people. Allowing users to interact with like-minded people through the music they listen to.

So this might be a challenge but I want you to describe the Chune App in 3 words.

Simple, Sexy, Social 

What would you like to achieve from the app as the founder? And what would you like downloaders of the app to gain from it? 

As a founder I want to create change and shake up the industry. I want to introduce new ways of thinking in both the tech and music industry and users to experience music in new and exciting ways. For people to open up their music libraries and connect with other people and find new music and experiences.

I’ve learned the app is surrounded around music in particular, the users’ tastes. So which artists are currently in your rotation?

I’m a massive hip-hop fan cliche right? – I’ve recently found this new boy band called BROCKHAMPTON I’m really feeling everything they’ve put out. Kendrick Lamar doesn’t know it but I’m his long lost forgotten son. To throw a spanner in the works I also like Indie bands like Tame Impala and Foster The People. 

Do you believe that there’s any scope for this to become bigger than bringing people with the same music tastes together. For example, bridging artists promotion teams to fans directly or something similar?

CHUNE will one day allow verified accounts to join the platform. This will give artists a totally new way to connect with their fans. Users can follow their favourite artists and experience and listen to music in sync with them. This means that one day artists and influencers will be able to essential DJ for anybody who is listening to their channel on CHUNE in real-time. This new bridge will totally reshape how artists promote their music to their fans. CHUNE is essentially trying to create a direct to consumer channel for artists, promotion teams and influencers. 

Is Chune targeted to a certain age demographic? If not, how will you make sure that is a must-download for people of all ages? 

The beautiful thing about music is that it is connected to everyone. For this reason CHUNE doesn’t really have a targeted demographic anyone and everybody can use it. Obviously because of it’s social aspect I’ll be targeting millennials predominately. We are confident in the platform and it’s value propositions we hope for it to grow organically through word of mouth. The platform will only get better the more people that join and share content so we are working very hard now to market the same to as many demographics as possible. 

What do you find are the most advantageous ways of promotion in the field your app is in? 

Social media is a big thing because the most influential people in the world use it. I’ve been working hard to engage my audience through my social accounts. We released visuals of the app for the first time last week and it got an amazing reception. We have found that just speaking to our fans on socials increases engagement and brand awareness. Video is also a great tool to show people the ins and outs of the app. We will be releasing video content up until launch to give out fans sneak peaks at the features we have in store for them.

And finally to close a very informative interview, thus far as a black male in an industry that not many of your peers are in, do you feel any increased pressure to succeed? And how has this affected your work?

Being a black man in todays society is obviously a challenge. I never let this define me times are changing and opportunities are arising for ethnic minorities. I don’t feel added pressure to succeed I actually feel an amazing amount of the support in my community which pushes me to work harder. Also working in the creative industry is pretty sweet it’s a level playing field because great content and talent will always rise to the top regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. So that’s it, all you need to know about CHUNE and its founder. Follow the app on twitter @CHUNE_App and Joshua @jayoguntino for more updates. 

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