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Crepplug Styles: Fashion Inspo



Fashion icon Sherlinanym has been one to look after for the last few years since she made her fashionable debut in 2009 on Tumblr before making her way to Instagram where she has gained 1.3 Million followers who look to her for the latest releases.


This July she designed her own pair of 97’s which are available to purchase from @badkicksclub on instagram. This new pair has caught the attention of many of her followers because of the vibrant yellow feature it has.

I’m very optimistic that in the near future we can surely expect more shoes from Sherlina.



Here she showcased the recently released PUMAxMCM in June which is an excellent collaboration from both brands. This can be easily styled with many neutral and bright colours to compliment the white and grey tone of the shoe.


Again our girl Sherlina styled this orange pair of balenciaga’s with a cropped orange denim jacket with a pair of ripped denim to complement the design of the shoe.

Sherlina shows through her style that adding colour to your wardrobe is okay, this can be seen in her exceptional collection of colourful trainers collection.

Here she showcased one of the re-released Nike Air 98’s which as you can see if different to the 95’s & 97’s in its appearance which has many creative features to it looks.


Here she posted the fiery red Nike Air 270 released in June. A very likeable pair from the 270 collection.


Sherlinanym is a rising fashion influencer who not only has been known to create new trends but showcase many admirable style choices.

Her growth is expanding each day, as she continues to inspire many people in their sense of style & in their choice of trainers.


‘’Comment below which trainers from Sherlina’s collection you like best’’


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