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Crepplug Styles: Nike Air Collection

Hello Crep Plug Family,

I’m back with another post on how to style some of the available nike air trainers, so I hope this post is both enjoyable and helpful.



Firstly we have the Pink Nike Air Max 97 released in late August last year, following on from the comeback of the 97 collection that year. The nike air max has 3 tones of pink embedded in the design including the croc like texture which was added to the bottom lining of the shoe. This pair of trainers can be easily paired with bright, nude like colours as well as neutral colours. Here I paired it with a mauve oversized top following on from a dark blue pair of ripped jeans, which can be considerable great to wear this approaching spring.

This pair of shoe can be found in office: Click Here for the purchase link


Here we have the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 in Khaki Velvet which was released late November last year. This is a beautiful pair of air forces to have because of its ice like look and comfortable feeling. This can be pared with many colours such as orange, tan, gold, grey and of course white and black. I paired this with a pair of grey jeans and White top which draws attention to the shoe than the attire. Others ways to also style this is to pair it with an oversized shirt or jumper, tracksuit, pant (cargo pants). This is a great pair of trainers as it is Unisex and can be complementing for both genders.

This pair of trainers can be found in the likes of Nike, Asos, Jd & Footlocker: Click Here for the purchase link


The Nike Air Force 1 Upstep Premium Trainers In Blue Suede was released las year spring along with a Pink version, which has now extended to many other colours available. It is fair to say that Nike Air force 1’s have been a real hit this last few years with all the different designs and colour that have been released. This pair can be paired with pink, white, red, brown and many other neutral colours. I paired it with a white crop shirt and black ripped jeans which keeps the attention on the shoe. Again this is a pair that can be considered UNISEX as it can be worn by both genders.

Bought from ASOS, may be sold out: Click Here for the purchase link


Lastly the Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra SE here is a pair of trainers which defiantly lives up to its name as it feels like walking on air, the most comfortable pair of shoe from the Nike Air Collection in my opinion. I paired this with a oversized Tan shirt and black ripped jeans which I believe matches the trainers perfectly, This can also be paired with brown, white, burgundy, dark blue and grey clothing. I honestly advise investing in a pair of Nike Air huarache’s, a great pair to have in your collection of trainers.


(All trainers above are sized UK 5 & 5.5, therefore it may be hard to find majority of the shoes.)

Comment below which trainers you like best from the Nike Air Collection.

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