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Nike Air Max 97 August Return

The return of the NIKE AIR MAX 97 in three different styles marks one of the most exciting Air Max retros we’ve seen in recent years.

The Nike Air Max 97 was a neck-breaking release when it first dropped 20 years ago. Christian Tresser’s futuristic design was inspired by Japan’s high-speed Bullet trains, with contours and curves that gave the shoe a true feeling of speed and momentum. The original shoe looked great in any colourway, but the impact of the initial silver edition meant that metallic versions will always be highly coveted. The Air Max 97 is one of those rare models that people know and recognise immediately, no matter how its presented.

20 years after its original release, the ’97 continues to inspire. The relaunch of the Nike Air Max 97 OG sees it dropping in both black and white, whilst a special Nike Air Max 97 OG Premium edition accompanies it in some summer-friendly hues. Complementing the return of these two editions is the all-new Nike Air Max 97 Ultra, which reduces the silhouette’s weight and accentuates its signature lines in a single-layer upper – and introduces new Air-Sole PSI levels to provide a more comfortable journey. The hardest part will be selecting which of the eight colours to get…

The NIKE AIR MAX 97 OG is due to drop on TUESDAY 1 AUGUST. The NIKE AIR MAX 97 OG PREMIUM follows shortly afterwards on FRIDAY 4 AUGUST and, finally, the NIKE AIR MAX 97 ULTRA is due to arrive on THURSDAY 17 AUGUST.


Written By – TheDropDate

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