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Return of Nike Air Max 98’s?

So we’ve seen everyone go mad for Air Max 97’s after it being their 20th anniversary and a whole range of releases in celebration, could next year be the same for Air Max 98’s?

Nike Air Max 98’s are likely to be back in stock real soon. The AM 98’s return would certainly be a good one. Other than a much-hyped collaboration with Supreme last year, Air Max 98’s haven’t been on the scene for a while.

Upon release, the Air Max 98 wasn’t received amazingly. Its stocky and in-your-face look was a big change from the more aerodynamic Air Max 97 that came the year previous. But nowadays with chunky/loaded crep in fashion, it’s the right time for its comeback. Stay tuned to find out more and be the first to be plugged in.

Would you cop or drop a re-release? Let us know in the comments.

Source – High Snobiety


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