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#SKAir 2? đź‘€

Looks like we have another Skepta x Nike Collaboration !

Nike just teased their forthcoming SkAir 2 launch, with a preview showing the man himself Skepta, walking into a corner shop on his phone. Skepta has definitely been up to something after the success #Skair had last year.

It would be the third time Skepta has collaborated with Nike, with the first being Skepta x Air Max BW “Blacklisted”, and more recently as we all know the SK Air Max 97.

Click this link, and it will take you to an event page with the date 09.02.18.

If you scroll down a map will be revealed with a number of locations the capital city London, but they’re all locked, on a incognito vibe.

However on Friday, if you click the “Notify Me” button you’ll be able to show the world that “Nothing Beats a LDNR”.

Stay tuned for more information

Let us know what you think, what crep would you like Skepta to put a spin on?

Source : The Sole Supplier

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