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What’s So Good About The Nike Air Max 98’s?

Just like the Air Max 97’s last year the Nike Air Max 98 is in full effect for 2018, and we can tell that the Nike are really building a hype around this trainer which is increasing as each new colourway is revealed. While the 98 model is not as recognized as the Air Max 97 models, Air Max fans remember the shoe well but it’s only now that the mainstream are hoping onto the bandwagon. So here’s a list of ten things you should know about the Air Max 98’s shoe of 2018, so whilst everyone wears them throughout the year you’ll know the back story of what is on their feet.


The Nike Air Max 98 was designed by Sergio Lozano, who also designed the Air Max 95.

When the Air Max 98 first released, it was basically a flop for a few reasons one being them due to the price, $150 which was a bit of a stretch back then and most pairs ended up on sale

Most of the hype around new Air Max models was the redesigned Air bubbles. The 98, however, recycled the full-length Air unit from the 97, which took away from allure.

The Youth sizes of the Air Max 98 used the sole for the Air Max 95

This OG colorway is called “Gundam” because of its resemblance to its mecha-based anime of the same name. But, there was never any collaboration between Nike and the anime.

Nike then released several new Air Max models in 1998 that were way more popular; the Air Max 98 TL, Air Max Tailwind III, Air Max Plus, and retro of the Air Max 95 overshadowed the Air Max 98.

The Air Max 98 first retroed in 2000 with colorways inspired by the Air Max 95

The Air Max 98 retroed again in 2014 in original colorways as well as new ones. Again, most of them just ended up on sale racks for under $100, so if you could see in the future back then and bought a few pairs you’d be chilling right now.

Supreme’s Air Max 98 collaboration in 2016, which featured four colorways, were inspired by Prada’s America Cup sneakers, bringing the spotlight back onto the Nike Air Max 98’s a giving them a bit of a revelation.

The 98 was simply hated on by Nike. In 2005’s “History of Air”, the model wasn’t even mentioned. In 2015’s Air Max Day tribute to the history of Air Max, and again it wasn’t there.

Source : SneakerNews

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